Safety and Efficacy of Amniotic Cytokine Extract in the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease

Purpose: Evaluate the safety and efficacy of cryopreserved amniotic cytokine extract (ACE) in the treatment of subjects with dry eye disease (DED).

Patients and methods: This was a retrospective, multicenter, chart review of adult patients with DED that instilled cryopreserved ACE drops twice-daily for 4 or 12 weeks. Patients had corneal fluorescein staining (0–20 range) and/or a lissamine green conjunctival staining score (0–18 range) of ≥3 and ≤9 in at least 1 eye and a score ≥40 (0–100 range) of eye dryness/irritation on a visual analog scale (VAS). Following completion of a treatment course, medical records were reviewed from the initiation of therapy (baseline), and at post-treatment visits (4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks). Patient records for visual acuity, adverse events, corneal fluorescein staining, conjunctival lissamine green staining, and symptom scores of ocular dryness/irritation were reviewed for each visit, as available. Safety and tolerability were assessed through the evaluation of patient-reported adverse events recorded in the medical records.

Results: A total of 54 eligible patients were identified at 7 clinical sites; 16 patients administered ACE drops for 4-weeks, and 38 patients instilled ACE drops for 12 weeks. Significant improvements in the mean changes from baseline were observed for corneal fluorescein staining, lissamine green staining, visual acuity (LogMar) and VAS ocular symptom scores at the 4-week post-treatment visit (p<0.01). Additional improvements continued out to the 12-week follow-up assessment visits. Two patients discontinued therapy due to reports of ocular burning or foreign body sensation.

Conclusion: The cryopreserved ACE formulation was well-tolerated and effective in reducing the clinical signs and symptoms of DED. Conduct of a vehicle-controlled prospective study is warranted.

Keywords: dry eye, amniotic membrane, amnion extract, cytokine, inflammation

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